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Commercial and investment real estate for sale. If you're looking for a great area to expand your portfolio into commercial and investment real estate: you deserve some serious consideration. Find out more about the analysis, services and opportunities we offer.

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Joseph Larkin, CCIM, MCR, SIOR. 

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Joseph Larkin brings 40-years of a broad range of successful real estate experience and technical competency to his assignments.  

joseph larkin, CCIM, MCR, SIOR

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His objective is to bring his market knowledge and analysis skills in providing    ​

We use the most up-to-date technology and data to help you optimize your real estate decision. Our advance technology and current methodology will provide you with a comprehensive view of your real estate. 

Our tools and analysis provide you with a complete view of your real estate, so you can adjust your strategy now to impact your future. Joe is a commercial real estate broker and offers commercail real estate for sale he will make sure your real estate is in alignment with your goals. 

Our focus is investment real estate for the private equity and capital markets. Where you're headquartered says a lot about how your business perceives itself. Are you making the right statement about your company? Check out this article for our top 10 considerations.

 Joseph Larkin is an elite commercial real estate counselor who has been providing his clients with long-term investment strategies for over 39 years. 

As real estate consultant and counselor, Larkin provides unbiased advice and guidance that impacts his clients' real estate decisions. Presently, he is the CEO of First Realty, Inc. an investment real estate firm located in Denver, CO.

The company provides transaction and consulting services, specializing in acquisition and disposition of real estate. In addition, providing counseling valuation services and strategic planning for real estate. 


Real Estate for your Business and Portfolio

Commercial Real Estate Counselor & Broker

His objective

Many commercial real estate brokers call themselves advisors, but a true advisor is a fiduciary - with legal and ethical obligations to do what is in the best interest of their client, not themselves.   

Joe is a commercial real estate broker and a professional that follows strict laws and fiduciary standards

- so his recommendations are made only in your best interest. his focus is on you his client.